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The End is a recently-started interactive video series bordering on ARG.

Series progress


On March 19, 2014, the user "lg15chat" first joined the the original official LG15 IRC channel, #LG15chat on FreeNode, and announced something to happen on June 9, 2014:

<lg15chat> Knock knock.
<lg15chat> We are here..
<lg15chat> We are everyhere.
<lg15chat> We will not be stopped.
<lg15chat> 6/9/14

First Puzzle

The main article for this is 2014 LG15chat puzzle.

As announced in the prelude, on June 9, 2014, "lg15chat" returned and posted a message consisting of binary digits.
Five more messages followed, with the clues ultimately leading to the series Twitter account.

Twitter Account

The Twitter account WeTheEnd has undergone several optical changes since its revelation. It currently settled on a stock photo of two hands pressed against a glass surface, with the texts "LG15" and "The End" in the corners of the image.
The account biography is "Only the thoughtless understand the thoughts."

Tweets on the account started on June 11 with a picture of Bree's grave along with the statement "We Will Never Forget." After the first followers came in, the account posted "congratulations you have found us".

On June 15, @WeTheEnd unprotected the account and posted "2 days it all begins, let the story be told, that wasn't told. We will not be stopped." Later, the account posted three tweets in succession; the first: "We are all connected. You just don't know it yet," followed by a quote attributed to Bree, and finally this tweet: "This is a open call to the people that may still be alive, help us retrieve the package that has been left swinging."

YouTube Account

On June 16, @WeTheEnd posted links to two videos uploaded from their YouTube account. The past sometimes hides from us.. consists of a series of clips from LG15: The Resistance that are set to music. The Fear Us... is audio-only, featuring an unknown narrator speaking in a digitally altered voice.


On June 20, @WeTheEnd posted the following tweet:

We have opened up communication, you can now communicate with us at

The website is an Oxwall-powered social networking site, probably Ignite Social Web's one-click-social-network offering.
In the two days after its revelation, the site changed designs at least two more times, going from a Matrix-esque background with the same header image as the Twitter account (hands on glass) to a different background, a cropped version of the header image and LGPedia's lonelygirl15 Portal header, to an apparently fully-custom theme.

The majority of the pages either contain no content or are inaccessible to unregistered users. The header contains a link to LGPedia, but it's non-functional.

Use of Images

The End has used a number of images in its various Twitter- and website theme changes. All of them have turned out to be stock images or images lifted off of other web properties so far, including the Matrix-esque code background of the first website theme.
As such, for the time being, it is unlikely that any images relating to The End's branding contain any game clues.

Connections and Entity Relationships


The End implies being part of the LG15 universe: It started off in the original official LG15 IRC channel, it references characters and events of canon LG15 content and it uses segments of canon videos.
On the other hand, however, it doesn't use the audio of those videos - making it harder to track for YouTube's content recognition algorithms.

Neither the tweets nor the website contain any mention of the copyrighted term "LG15", and no direct claim of a relationship has been made so far. While user accounts with the likeness of canon LG15 characters have been created on the website, no claim of them being characters of the game has been made. References on Twitter are of ambiguous nature - "We will never forget" with a picture of Bree's supposed gravestone, but no claim that this is of any relevance to the game, citations from Bree without the assertion that this constitutes actual past of the ingame world, and loaded phrases like "We will not be stopped." which have a certain meaning to fans of the canon universe, but are nevertheless generic statements.
Even the link to LGPedia comes without a comment or claims of ownership.

Ever since the discovery of the Twitter account, there has been no return to LG15 IRC channel.

The only mentions of "LG15" in The End content right now are in the header image used on Twitter (the same image was previously used on the website and has been removed) and an out-of-game tweet by the PM, ending in "[...] this is not apart of our story in this area of LG15)". Even said tweet is ambiguous in that "this area of LG15" could very well mean "the unofficial UGC area of LG15".

When announcing their hosting of the series, Ignite Social Web spoke of "LG15: We The End".

At this point in time, there has been no official statement from EQAL, the current rights holders or the game masters whether We The End is a licensed LG15 series, but it stands to reason that the reveal of the website and the website's branding would have been a good moment to make the connection clear to activate the fans of previous canon.


LG15: Outbreak

It has been pointed out that the second and last tweet on Greg Mason's twitter (main character of LG15: Outbreak) was

This Is The End...(Koffman File Prelude)


The website is hosted by Ignite Social Web, a company led by TJ Marsh, a long-standing but notorious participant of the LG15 community.

After the connection was discovered, Ignite Social Web posted an announcement of their hosting of "LG15: We The End" on their website. Immediately afterwards, TJ Marsh spoke out in chat, acknowledging the hosting of the series, but denying any involvement beyond that. He refused to reveal his "client":[1]

Jun 21 00:35:55 <TJTwisted_>
Jun 21 00:40:14 <TJTwisted_>    This is me. yes it is.
Jun 21 00:40:28 <TJTwisted_>    My company is only hosting
Jun 21 00:40:33 <TJTwisted_>    we are not involved
Jun 21 00:40:41 <TJTwisted_>    thats all i will say
Jun 21 00:41:45 <TJTwisted_>    well, i am sworn under contract
Jun 21 00:41:49 <TJTwisted_>    to not discuss this
Jun 21 00:42:00 <TJTwisted_>    and clients rights are protected
Jun 21 00:42:51 <TJTwisted_>    No story here, real as can be.

Another staff member of Ignite Social Web (ISW), Joe Rider, commented on ISW's Facebook posting of the link, claiming "no affiliation" beyond hosting as well.

On the other hand, it was a user called TJ who provided the solution to the initial puzzle, and ISW's Facebook lists their location as "Phoenix, Arizona" - the same location user "lg15chat" originated from when providing the messages of the first puzzle. While "lg15chat" and TJ Marsh did use different IP addresses in chat, both seem to be static and both are from Qwest's Phoenix node[2].

Breaking the Fourth Wall

The puppet masters of The End have spoken directly to the community on several occasions, because of technical difficulties and to state their opinion on gamejacking:


  1. This is a condensed version showing only topical replies from him, not a continuous piece of chat.
  2. for lg15chat, for TJ Marsh

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